Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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A Helpful Note From Our President.....

WAIT! Before purchasing your new heating/cooling system read this!

Under the new tax law certain improvements to your home (including qualifying heating and air conditioning systems) can qualify for a tax rebate. Possibly as much as $1,500! Equipment testing is ongoing and for the latest please use this link:


For the latest in tax information see your accountant or tax advisor. However, for the best in comfort information call us - 222-1365. We are heating and air conditioning experts. The time you spend with us will be spent evaluating your comfort needs...not trying to figure out the latest in the tax code! (We will leave that for the accountants!)

For the best pricing we highly recommend the Payne brand (a wholly owned Carrier subsidiary). This is impressive with its 14 SEER rating!

To take advantage of the tax benefits consider the Carrier Performance or Infinity systems! These systems, rated at 15 SEER or higher are the best in show! Most feature variable speed indoor blowers and programmable thermostats.

We will provide custom design service in the natural comfort of your own home. Answer whatever questions you might have on which system might best serve your needs. Daytime or evening appointments to your convenience. And then we will help you put all of this together.

Payment concerns? No problem with us. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AND have our own in-house financing service where monthly payments can be arranged to fit your budget. How many other contractors can do this for you?

Remember, this industry is changing and to help you with this here are the latest phase out dates:

January, 2010
Mandatory 65% reduction in freon production and 100% end to manufacture of freon systems. Consumers with freon systems can still service their systems. Refrigerant costs will go up.

January, 2015
Mandatory 90% reduction in freon production, using the 1989 cap as a baseline.

January, 2020
Only the use of existing refrigerant will be permitted to service existing systems. The blending of new freon no longer permitted.

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